Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


Dr. Bartholomew Fussell house in Kennett Square

Kennett Square in Chester County was the hub of a large and tightly connected Underground Railroad in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Less than three miles from the Delaware border, its residents worked closely with Thomas Garrett in Wilmington, Delaware only about ten miles away. Among its foremost conductors were John and Hannah Cox; Isaac and Dinah Mendenhall; the Barnard brothers, Simon and Eusebius; and Dr. Bartholomew Fussell. All were Quakers and were part of that regionís huge Quaker network that collaborated with a smaller but also fairly large number of free black conductors. Recent scholarship has identified 132 known Underground Railroad agents in Chester County alone that included eighty-two Quakers and thirty-one blacks.  This network was in close collaboration with the Vigilance Committee in Philadelphia that was coordinated by William Still and J. Miller McKim.

    Chester County Underground Railroad map, courtesy Kennett Square Underground Railroad Center


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