Maysville, Kentucky


Above is the Armstrong House, a reputed stop on the Underground Railroad in Maysville, Kentucky. For a time, retired college administrator Jerry Gore housed a personal collection of Underground Railroad memorabilia there.

Only nine miles down river from the famed Underground Railroad terminal, Ripley, Ohio, Maysville was at the end of a widely traveled Kentucky turnpike during the antebellum period and a major crossing point for runaway slaves.

On the left is a mural depicting Maysville circa 1840 and on the right a view from the Rankin house in Ripley looking across the Ohio River at the Kentucky shore.

Maysville was the crossing point for several daring exploits conducted by Ripley slave rescuer, John Parker. It was also where Calvin Fairbank and Delia Webster crossed into Ohio with runaway Lewis Hayden and his family, which led to their infamous incarceration.

Gore, on the left, is a descendent of the famed runaway Addison White. On the right is a crawl space in the Armstrong house that Gore says was a hiding place.


White, the ancestor of Gore, escaped from Kentucky by swimming across the Ohio River in 1856. The following year his whereabouts were discovered by his owners in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, where White was working for Underground Railroad conductor Udney Hyde. What followed was a dramatic confrontation that eventually was settled in court with $950 being paid by the abolitionists to secure White's freedom.

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