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The following links will take you to sites where you can find more information about the Underground Railroad.  Some of them include links to additional sites.  Many of them contain the latest information about the ongoing research being conducted by researchers around the country, and some include information about conferences and tours being offered.  If you'd like to be linked here or you know of a site you believe should be listed, please contact Tom Calarco.


http://www.buxtonmuseum.com/index.htm -- Buxton Historic Site


http://www.russpickett.com/history/undergrd.htm -- Delaware UGRR 


http://www.knox.edu/academics/academic-facilities/the-jail/underground-railroad.html -- Underground Railroad Freedom Station, Galesburg Colony, at Knox College

http://www.illinoishistory.com/ugrr.html -- UGRR in Illinois


http://www.eleutherian.us/ -- Eleutherian College, historic college recently rescued from oblivion that tells a unique story about the establishment of an oasis for freedom in southern Indiana

http://www.waynet.org/nonprofit/coffin.htm -- Levi Coffin House, the home for more than 20 years of the Underground Railroad¡¯s most well-known conductor


http://www.mdslavery.net/ -- Maryland UGRR

http://pathways.thinkport.org/about/ -- Pathways to Freedom: Maryland and the Underground Railroad

New York

http://www.northcountryundergroundrailroad.com -- The North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association covering the Adirondack Region

http://www.oswego.edu/ugrr/contents.html -- Oswego UGRR

http://www.pacny.net/freedom_trail/ -- Onondaga County UGRR

http://www.ugrworkshop.com/ -- Albany, NY UGRR

http://warsawhistory.org/tours/tour2.html -- Warsaw, NY abolitionist tour

Underground Railroad in Seneca County -- based on a study of Judith Wellman detailing Underground Railroad activities in Seneca County

http://www.co.cayuga.ny.us/history/ugrr/report/index.html  -- "Uncovering the Freedom Trail in Auburn and Cayuga County" (Auburn was where Harriet Tubman eventually settled and lived out her life)

http://www.gerritsmith.org/-- site of the Smithfield Community Association in Peterboro, NY, whose primary focus is preserving the history and memory of one the greatest of all abolitionists, Gerrit Smith.


http://www.ohioundergroundrailroad.org/ -- Friends of Freedom Society, the Ohio Underground Railroad Association

http://www.ohiomemory.org/cdm4/index_siebert.php?CISOROOT=/siebertt -- Wilbur Siebert Underground Railroad Collection


http://muweb.millersville.edu/~ugrr/yorkugrr/york_ugrr.htm -- York County, PA UGRR

http://www.afrolumens.org/ugrr/ -- Historian Chris Densmore's site on Afro-American history in central PA, with the latest news about research, conferences, and UGRR events.

http://www.undergroundrr.kennett.net/ -- Kennett Square UGRR site, includes information about tours

Harriet Tubman Impersonator

http://www.aflyinggeese.com -- site of nationally-known performing artist, Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux of Houston, TX, a descendant of a Texas slave. Her one woman show, "The Resurrection of Harriet Tubman in Escape to Freedom," brings to life the story of Harriet Tubman.

Fugitive Slaves

http://docsouth.unc.edu/browse/author/ -- North American Slave Narratives published by the University of North Carolina.  These narratives, many of which have not been widely published, provide a revealing insight into the struggles of runaway slaves, both during their flight to freedom, and afterwards when they found their struggle for equality and justice was to continue.

National Parks Service

http://www.nps.gov/ugrr/TEMPLATE/FrontEnd/index.cfm -- National Parks Service Network to Freedom

Underground Railroad Free Press

http://www.urrfreepress.com/ -- online bimonthly covering the latest news in the field of Underground Railroad studies


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